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You will need to use alcohol to soak a tick and then use tweezers to carefully and gently remove a tick.

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We believe it is important for our dogs to be healthy and comfortable and do all we can to achieve that for our dogs.

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He is such a character.

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While it is generally recognized that intestinal parasites and ear mites are common in puppies, and part of a puppy’s early development, we will make every effort to prevent such parasites.

goldendoodle breeders massachusetts

We have long lines of healthy dogs and cats which have been health tested and are free and clear of any hereditary diseases. We give a two year guarantee against any congenital or hereditary problems. They are raised in our home and are very well socialized with our toddler daughter, many family members and friends, as well as other dogs/cats. The puppies and kittens will be neutered/spayed and will have their first set of shots and routine dewormings. You're welcome to visit our home by appointment to meet our animal family. Shipping is available via courier or the airlines.

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Pups in a litter of f2's tend to not sway as much in one direction or another.

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