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Also, if you do not want the hassle of raising and training a young pup, in addition to younger puppies I have well mannered and socialized older pups started in obedience.

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A well bred Goldendoodle shouldn't be shy or aggressive to people or other animals.

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The puppy stage is challenging but so worth it.

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This was a charity event for Shepherd's Crossing, an ecumenical non profit which assists poor people with rent and utility assistance.

goldendoodle grooming regime

From the very beginning we had intended to have Terry be a Therapy Dog handler with Mambo. We let Kelli know this and it factored into her choosing Mambo for us. Mambo started training at only 12 weeks old, starting with basic puppy class. As you will read with all the doodles who start young, they stand out, head and shoulders above other breeds at puppy class, and at more advanced classes as well. Mambo had to take time off from about 8 months old to about a year and a half old because my Mom had moved in with us and was in dire need, not only for help, but to be watched over. Way before Mambo went to formal Therapy Dog classes, she was caring for my Mom.

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Premier Pups was so patient, knowledgeable and understanding with the many questions we had along the way.

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