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Its stated mission is to promote and guide the development of the Goldendoodle to achieve a consistent standard for the “breed” in terms of coat, type, health and temperament.

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The debate over whether the Goldendoodle should or should not be considered an independent breed will no doubt continue for many years.

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She's not a cuddly dog but very social, she likes being a regular loyal presence.

goldendoodle names boy

Thank you so very much for breeding such an amazing dog. We are absolutely in love with him!""I wanted to send you an email to share with you the joy our dog Oakley has brought to our family and friends. We purchased Oakley from you in 2011. He was one of 3 older puppies you had left over from a litter that wasn't sold. When my boyfriend now husband and I came to visit you two of the puppies ran off near the shed playing together and Oakley stayed close to meet us. He essentially "picked us". For the past couple years, my dad has been "sharing custody" of Oakley with us. My dad owns his own businesses a trucking company and a farm. So Oakley is much happier with him during the week while my husband and I are at work all day. We get to enjoy his company on the weekends when we are home. Oakley literally goes everywhere with my dad during the week.

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Not like him at all.

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